In this thought-provoking video, Stephen discusses the critical need to navigate the city’s growth and development. As Camas faces the challenges of rapid expansion and external pressures like the Growth Management Act, Stephen emphasizes the importance of maintaining the city’s unique charm and community identity.

Dabasinskas questions whether an unchecked development approach, driven solely by profit-driven stakeholders, is the right path for Camas. He highlights the risk of sacrificing greenspace and small-town appeal for generic suburban sprawl. With an eye on creating a sustainable future, he advocates for a community-driven strategy that values quality of life over sheer growth.

Drawing attention to the failed leadership approach seen in the abandoned paper mill downtown, Dabasinskas underscores the need for proactive decision-making. He envisions a win-win solution for both property owners and citizens, suggesting a comprehensive rezoning of the industrial site in exchange for a thorough cleanup.

Dabasinskas’ vision extends beyond the mill, addressing broader infrastructure concerns. He questions the allocation of taxpayer funds for new roads, utilities, and amenities for a development that may not align with the majority’s interests. Instead, he proposes directing investment toward revitalizing the downtown core, promoting business growth and better urban living conditions.

Stephen advocates for a strategic shift in development focus. He envisions a vibrant waterfront with a mix of residential and commercial spaces, transforming the city’s character and driving economic prosperity while preserving the natural beauty that Camas is known for.

Central to Dabasinskas’ message is the call for effective leadership. He believes that Camas needs a leader who understands the delicate balance between growth and preservation. Dabasinskas offers himself as that agent of change, pledging to prioritize community needs and aspirations.

Stephen encourages citizens to join his cause and work together towards a future that embraces genuine leadership, community values, and smart growth. By fostering open dialogue and making informed choices, he envisions a Camas that thrives as a harmonious blend of progress and tradition.

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