In a show of commitment to the local community, city council candidate Stephen Dabasinskas made an appearance at the highly anticipated First Friday event held downtown last night. The event, known for its vibrant atmosphere and bustling crowd, provided an ideal setting for Dabasinskas to connect with business owners and engage with concerned citizens.

Dabasinskas, an advocate for community development and sustainable growth, expressed his enthusiasm for attending the event. “First Friday is a wonderful platform to engage with the heart of our town and its local businesses,” he stated. “I strongly believe that understanding the concerns and aspirations of our citizens and business owners is crucial in shaping effective policies for our town’s growth and prosperity.”

As Dabasinskas made his way down 4th Avenue, he engaged in lively discussions with various business owners, showcasing his knowledge and understanding of the challenges they face. The candidate’s dedication to fostering economic development within Camas was apparent as he listened attentively to the concerns raised by the owners of small businesses, ranging from parking availability to regulatory hurdles.

One business owner, expressed their appreciation for Dabasinskas’ visit. “It’s refreshing to see a candidate taking the time to listen to our concerns and engage in meaningful conversations. Stephen’s commitment to supporting local businesses is evident, and I believe he would be a strong advocate for us on the city council.”

Dabasinskas’ interactions were not limited to business owners alone, as he also took the opportunity to connect with citizens attending the event. He was seen chatting with families, artists, and residents of all ages, listening to their ideas, and taking note of their priorities for the community.

During one such interaction, Dabasinskas emphasized his vision for a sustainable and inclusive city. “My aim is to create an environment where everyone, regardless of their background, has an equal opportunity to thrive.”

As the evening progressed, Dabasinskas continued to make his way through downtown, leaving a positive impression on those he encountered. His genuine interest in the concerns of the community and his passion for building a better future resonated with many citizens, who expressed their support for his candidacy.

With the upcoming city council elections just a few months away, Stephen Dabasinskas’ visit to the First Friday event showcased his commitment to actively engaging with the community and understanding the unique challenges faced by local businesses and citizens. If elected, his dedication and vision promise to bring about positive change and progress for the city of Camas.

As the campaign trail heats up this fall, it is clear that Stephen Dabasinskas’ presence and outreach efforts are leaving a lasting impact on the community, strengthening his position as a candidate who truly understands the pulse of Camas. Citizens will have the opportunity to vote for their preferred candidates during the city council elections in November.

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