In the bustling city of Camas, the name Stephen Dabasinskas resonates as a dedicated advocate for public safety and security. With a firm commitment to make a positive impact, Stephen is working hard to become your next City Councilor, driven by his deep-rooted concern for the well-being of his community.

A former law enforcement officer himself, Stephen understands the vital role that public safety departments play in shaping the quality of life in Camas. Recognizing that the safety of his own family and every resident is of paramount importance, Stephen is dedicated to maintaining a secure and protected environment for all.

The cornerstone of Stephen’s campaign lies in his unwavering belief that public safety should never be compromised. He stands united with the citizens of Camas in their shared expectation of complete security. Any deviation from this standard is viewed as a letdown by the city’s leaders.

Drawing upon his law enforcement background, Stephen has the unique ability to discern potential threats on the horizon. With a clear vision, he aims to leverage every legislative tool at his disposal to safeguard the community against impending dangers. His goal is to uphold and defend the place residents proudly call home, ensuring a consistent level of public safety that the citizens can rely on.

Stephen’s concern extends to the challenges faced by the police officers in Camas. As street crime, drug usage, and homelessness continue to rise, he acknowledges the difficult position these officers are in. The rising tide of crime necessitates immediate action to prevent further deterioration of the city’s security. Stephen is resolute in his commitment to ensure that the police department receives the necessary resources, guidance, and legislative support to proactively combat crime and maintain order.

Stephen also highlights the importance of addressing the breakdown in the joint fire operation between Camas and Washougal. He believes that fairness should prevail in resource allocation and financial contributions between the two cities. Stephen’s experience in managing multi-agency task forces informs  him from  a unique perspective on resolving such challenges. He is determined to ensure that the negotiation process remains focused on the needs of Camas and its citizens.

Above all, Stephen emphasizes that leadership is crucial at this juncture. He calls for an end to political distractions and a laser focus on the genuine needs of Camas. With his track record and experience, Stephen believes that he can lead the charge towards a safer city, where public safety is not taken for granted, but actively and consciously upheld.

For those who share his vision, Stephen invites them to join him in his pursuit of a safer Camas.

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