In his bid to become the next City Councilor, Stephen Dabasinskas emphasizes the crucial role of Fiscal Stewardship in the responsibilities of the city council. With a wealth of experience as a C-level consultant for over two decades, providing financial guidance to successful small businesses across North America, Dabasinskas is well-equipped to tackle the complexities of Camas’ financial landscape.

One of the fundamental aspects of fiscal stewardship involves meticulous oversight of the city’s expenditures. Every financial decision, from constructing a new facility to cleaning a lake, requires careful consideration and approval from the City Council. Dabasinskas recognizes that without proper guidance and comprehension of fiscal matters, the city’s finances can quickly spiral out of control.

Dabasinskas proposes a comprehensive approach to ensure effective fiscal stewardship in Camas:

  • 1. Identification and Ranking of Challenges: Dabasinskas believes in inclusivity and encourages stakeholders to contribute their ideas for the betterment of Camas. By identifying both short-term and long-term fiscal challenges and openly discussing potential solutions, the City Council can work towards prioritizing and addressing these issues.
  • 2. Prioritization of Needs vs. Wants: Shifting the focus from city wants to citizens’ genuine needs is a key principle for Dabasinskas. He advocates for allocating taxpayer funds to essential services and infrastructure, rather than pursuing unnecessary projects. This approach ensures that funds are used efficiently and responsibly.
  • 3. Authentic Citizen Surveying: Dabasinskas is committed to conducting unbiased citizen surveys that provide valuable insights into public sentiment. By crafting well-designed survey questions, the City Council can make informed decisions based on the genuine preferences and needs of the community, avoiding predetermined outcomes.
  • 4. Detailed Cost/Benefit Analysis: Dabasinskas insists on conducting thorough cost/benefit analyses for major projects. Leveraging the expertise of professionals within the City of Camas, these analyses will provide decision-making data that ensures taxpayer funds are wisely invested and that the benefits of each project outweigh the associated costs.
  • 5. Comprehensive Impact Studies: Recognizing the importance of understanding the consequences of proposed developments, Dabasinskas pledges to conduct comprehensive impact studies. These studies will assess the effects of projects on both the community and the environment, ensuring responsible decision-making and considering the well-being of fixed-income seniors in the community.

By addressing the specific challenges stemming from fiscal mismanagement and implementing measures that prioritize citizen needs, transparency, and financial accountability, Dabasinskas aims to pave the way for a prosperous and responsible future for Camas. He invites the community to collaborate in creating a resilient and thriving city where every taxpayer dollar contributes to the overall betterment of the community. Together with the community, Stephen Dabasinskas will transform Camas into the best version of itself.

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