Core Principles

As your Councilor At Large, I’ll represent the interests of all constituents and work collaboratively with other councilors and city officials to make decisions that benefit our community as a whole. Some of the specific responsibilities I’ll focus on include:

Legislative functions: I’ll focus on creating, reviewing, and passing ordinances and resolutions that establish policies and regulations for the city in the best interest of the electorate.

Fiscal oversight: I’ll provide financial expertise in the review and approval of the city budget, which includes allocating resources and setting priorities for spending driven by community feedback.

Constituent services: I’ll take responsibility for representing the interests and concerns of my constituents and respond effectively to their requests and inquiries.

Collaboration with city officials: I’ll work closely with the mayor, city manager, and other city officials to ensure that common sense policies and programs are effectively implemented.

Community engagement: I’ll engage with the community, attend public meetings, and regularly solicit input from my constituents on issues that impact their neighborhoods and the city as a whole.

I commit to be an effective representative of the people, to ensure that city policies and programs are aligned with the needs and aspirations of our community, and work diligently and collaboratively with all stakeholders to achieve these goals.

In these pages, you’ll discover why I am uniquely qualified for this position. I invite you to join me on this incredible journey. Together, let’s make Camas the very BEST it can be!

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