Legislative Agenda

I have carefully identified six major areas of focus for my legislative agenda in Camas. During my campaign, we’ll drill down on the following:

Growth and Development

Policing and Crime

Local Environment

Citizen Engagement

Fiscal Stewardship


I’m interested in what you think about these issues. But I also understand there are many more. Only you can shape the planks of this platform. That’s what servant leadership is all about.

I invite you to visit this site regularly, come to one of my Town Halls or Meet and Greets and ask away. It’s only when we communicate, without fear or intimidation, that we can reach consensus. This is how we make Camas the very BEST it can be.

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  • Posted May 16, 2023 12:07 am
    by Dave Sampson

    We need some one that will stand up for the peoples right to vote on all important Matters like the rezoning of down town so big money can come in and buy up city blocks and put in apartment buildings for their hi-density living ,And someone that will support the people that want their swimming pool put back as was where it was including bleachers{Olympic size pool with a high dive and low dive board,an intermediate pool and a wading pool}.The people want the say,It’s OUR town!The people that moved here liked our cute little Historic Town ,then some of them got into City Government and started changing everything to look like the last place they left,and alot of it was because if they didn’t change it they would loose all that free Government Money,well who cares if it had been put to a vote of the people we wouldn’t have wanted it anyway!Well Stephen if your for giving the people the right to vote and decide on all important Issues concerning Our Community then your the guy!!!!

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