Citizen Engagement

In his campaign to become your next City Councilor, Stephen Dabasinskas has embarked on a mission that echoes the heartfelt concerns of countless residents in Camas. By simply walking the neighborhoods and conversing with thousands of Camasonians, Dabasinskas has found a common thread of frustration – the feeling that the voices of our community are not truly being heard by our City officials.

The sentiment is crystal clear: a resounding cry for authentic representation and a desire for a tangible connection between policymakers and the citizens they serve. Dabasinskas is determined to bridge this gap, promising to redefine the way decisions are made by embracing the genuine concerns of the people.
One prevailing issue that has taken center stage in this campaign is the belief that City officials tend to put their own agendas ahead of the community’s needs. Dabasinskas doesn’t merely see this as a perception problem. He asserts that it’s not a matter of inability to execute due to external constraints; rather, it’s a perceived lack of sincere intention to align decisions with the collective will of the residents.

A poignant example Dabasinskas points to is the controversial 78 million dollar pool bond. While the City officials claimed to listen to the community, Dabasinskas questions whether they genuinely heard the desires of the residents. He highlights the fact that a splash pad is being constructed to replace the pool in Crown Park, a move that seemingly contradicts the voices he has encountered during his campaign journey. According to Dabasinskas, residents he’s met overwhelmingly express their preference for a pool, not a splash pad.

Similarly, Dabasinskas challenges the decision-making process regarding the allocation of funds for legacy lands and new housing developments. He raises the question of whether the voices of the community were truly considered in these matters, pointing to a growing concern that the City officials might be pursuing their own objectives at the expense of the community’s wishes.

One contentious issue that exemplifies this concern is the imposition of a new utility tax without a public vote. Dabasinskas emphasizes that this move contradicts the very essence of democratic representation. Instead of allowing citizens to decide on matters that directly impact their lives, the officials have chosen to bypass public opinion and push forward with their plans.

Dabasinskas’ vision for Camas is grounded in a promise to prioritize genuine citizen engagement. He advocates for a city government that is built on an unwavering connection between policymakers and constituents. He views citizen input as the cornerstone of effective governance, especially in a rapidly evolving community like Camas. Rebuilding trust between the community and its representatives is paramount, and Dabasinskas aims to initiate this change without delay.

As he states passionately, “When I serve as your City Councilor, there will be no more ‘pretending to listen.’ Just like I have done during my campaign, I will ask what YOU want and what is important to YOU.” His mission is clear: to eliminate the façade of listening and instead ensure that the decisions made align with the collective aspirations of the community.

Dabasinskas encourages residents to join him in this endeavor and invites every individual to witness the essence of servant leadership firsthand and to actively contribute their insights to the betterment of Camas. Instead of imposing his own agenda, Dabasinskas is committed to advocating for yours, and working together to make Camas the best it can be.

In a world where public trust in government institutions is often strained, Stephen Dabasinskas’ campaign shines as a beacon of hope, aiming to redefine the very essence of civic representation in Camas.

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