Meet Stephen Dabasinskas, a dedicated individual striving to become your next Camas City Councilor, aiming to make a positive impact on the community. In this video, we delve into the three fundamental values that form the backbone of his campaign: integrity, accountability, and community.

Integrity has been the guiding principle throughout Stephen’s life. He firmly believes in upholding moral principles, even in the absence of scrutiny. As your representative on the City Council, Stephen pledges to make ethical choices that prioritize the welfare of the community above all else.

Central to Stephen’s vision is the essence of trust. He understands that trust is the bedrock of a strong community, and he commits to being a reliable and honest advocate for every resident. Promising transparency in his actions and decision-making, Stephen seeks to create an environment of openness and trust.

Stephen Dabasinskas stands as an epitome of values crucial to effective governance and community growth. By embracing integrity, accountability, and a deep sense of community, he aims to bring about positive changes that resonate with the aspirations of every citizen. As the elections draw near, let us rally behind Stephen in his quest to serve and elevate our beloved community to new heights making Camas the very best it can be! 

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